Cement & Stone-Look Laminate Flooring Review

Maybe there isn’t a “flooring god”, but there DOES a flooring manufacturer – and they provide sleek laminate plank flooring options with stone or cement finishes from around the world.

There’s nothing refreshing a room like new floors, and with the wide array of colors and modern finishes available, we’re running out of excuses for dirty carpet or chipped tile floors.  From industrial grays to warm stone tones, the cement and stone laminate boards on the market offer something for almost anyone.

Application, Design & Durability

Most brands are approved for nearly all applications, including existing overwood floors, ceramic tile and sheet vinyl flooring, as well as cement-slab ironic applications.

Creating a sleek industrial look is easy to achieve with cement plank flooring. Laminate floors are known to be the right choice to complement radiant floor heating systems.  Most cement and stone laminate boards are approved for such hot applications.

While durable as most brands report, these stylish cement and stone planks can be combined into a most visitor-friendly home, standing tall for the occasional indoor pick-up game and other evil.  Most online reviewers report that laminate boards hold up well for their pet and / or children’s packs.

Reviews & Where to Buy

Achieving that modern cement look is relatively easy.  Various brands, colors, and styles are available through various online stores, big box stores, and some local flooring supply stores.

Due to the nature of laminating, most cement board products will still have a smooth, plank-like appearance, although some products have managed to blur lines a little.

Here are some of the interesting options we’ve looked at:

Visiogrande Screed Class – Style: Cement

The Classen Visiogrande Screed is a well-reviewed mid-priced product made in Germany.  A realistic faux stucco finish and cool grays & whites are sure to give off a modern spectrum.
Finished look: Installed

Kronoswiss Noblesse Veracruz – Type: Cement

The Kronoswiss Noblesse Veracruz received decent reviews about its finish and durability, although installation can be a bit of a challenge for beginners.

The more sophisticated (although, still relatively easy) installation techniques provide a smoother finish, very similar to the appearance of a cement floor.

Final look: Relatively Smooth

A major player in the flooring industry, Armstrong Laminate offers several decent options in the rock plank genre.

Navagio by Branton Flooring – Style: Stone

Navagio Stone Laminate Flooring offers an embossed texture with a low luster to mimic the look of real stone tile.  The staggered pattern is created with the Droploc mounting system, which further mimics the appearance of actual stone tiles.
Finished appearance: Grooved stone

Linoleum Tile Flooring Designskitchen porcelain tile that looks tile hardwood flooring 4688 – Tiles Flooring

Pros vs Cons: What’s Good & Not So Good

Let’s get rid of the bad.

Laminate floors cannot get wet.  Yes, even the sleek cement, slate, and stone laminate floors;  they are still made of wood.

Manufacturers have done an excellent job at simulating the appearance of cement and stone, but nothing changes the fact that water is wood laminate’s most feared enemy (note: waterproof laminate options are coming on the market, though).


Most laminate floors can be installed almost anywhere, including over a radiant floor heating system.  The normally cold law of concrete and stone can be challenged by mounting a slender plank over a coil of hot water.  Thereby giving warmth, warmth to every footstep.

Installation is relatively easy.  A smart DIYer should be able to do laminate flooring, although patience, tools and time will be the keys to success.  For those looking for a full-service experience, a professional installation is the way to go, with most small projects taking only a day or two to complete.

Nothing goes forever with laminate floors, but it’s a positive.  The stunning and stunning cement or stone laminate flooring installed today can be enjoyed… until it is not.  Styles and preferences change, home owners change, and so does your laminate – quite easily.  As easy as it is in, most laminate floors will come back the same.  You can even save materials for use in different applications.

Cement and stone laminate planks are also low maintenance options, making homeowners enjoy on Sudoku and Pinterest instead of mopping and scrubbing actual tile floors.  In fact, a mixture of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and a few other household ingredients (there are several recipes out there) can keep your floors clean.

The bottom line

We’ve reached the bottom of the cement and stone laminate plank flooring.  For most applications that won’t see a lot of moisture or puddles, cement plank and stone floors are the right choice.  Easy to care for & carry for pets and children.

Color samples are available on various internet supplier sites and at large box stores.  Otherwise, quantities can usually be purchased in multiples of 18-23 square feet per box.

It should be considered for any overhaul or new build application as a durable, versatile and cost-effective solution.


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