Harmonics Laminate Flooring

Are you bored with your floor?  Do you want to update it?  Do you want to install hardwood floors on a minimal budget?  People use harmonic laminate flooring as a great option for updating their floors on a budget.  Laminate wood floors like this are also very popular.

The advantages of laminate flooring are that it is easy to install, easy to clean, and is stain resistant because the surface is not porous.  Laminate floors do not absorb dirt or spills like carpets do.  But of the many laminate flooring options available, which one is the best to save money?

Harmonic flooring is the answer. Harmonic flooring is a stylish, economical and of course environmentally friendly alternative. Let’s take a look at some of the main product features that make harmonic flooring products so popular.

What is harmonic flooring?

Harmonic flooring is a type of adhesive-free laminate flooring that doesn’t have to be attached to the sub floor.  This type of laminate is made of 10 millimeter laminate with a 2 millimeter base.

Typically, laminate floors mimic wood or even stone, with a photographic applique layer.  The clear coating covers the existing layer to provide a shiny, protective coating.

Harmonic flooring is very popular with customers due to its excellent waterproof properties and lifetime warranty.

This technology is claimed to be able to maintain security for 24 hours from various kinds of spills.  That is, if you spill water on the floor, there will be no stains and damage, as long as you clean it before 24 hours.

How many designs are available?

Since it features a woodgrain pattern, Harmonics laminate offers a limited selection when it comes to design and color. It’s available in four patterns:

  • Windsor oak: The pattern is made of softwood and hardwood graining and is mostly made of brown hues.
  • Vineyard cherry: Reddish-brown hues are merged to create different patterns.
  • Golden aspen: This option features different honey-toned shades to make up different patterns.

How do I prepare my subfloor for harmonic floor installation?

After you determine your favorite harmonic floor, you need to prepare the original floor.  Laminates need to be installed by a method called the floating method.  This means that the floor materials are locked together to create a very tight adhesion.  This is very similar to the way a puzzle is assembled.

If the subfloor is uneven, it must be leveled first.  If you are laying on tiles, then make sure the gaps between the tiles are filled so that the base is even.  After the floor is flat, then it is cleaned properly.

Make sure dust and grime are swept thoroughly.  It is also important to make sure that the floor with a damaged surface is repaired first before starting installation.

Also make sure the subfloor is completely dry.  Then you are ready to make the installation easily!

How To Install Harmonics Flooring?

Installing Harmonics flooring is relatively easy if you follow these simple steps:

  • Use a table saw to cut off the tongues of the boards.
  • Place the spacers that are included in the kit between the side of the boards and the wall.
  • A tapping block is also included in the kit, which makes joining the boards a lot easier.
  • Simply lay one of the boards flat next to another one. Align the block on the outer end of the board you’re going to install.
  • Tap the block to join the boards.
  • When you have completed the first row, it’s crucial to crosscut the first board of the second row in a way that will make its end more than 6 inches from the end of the board next to it.
  • Creating this type of staggering pattern will help to create stability. It also improves the general appearance.
  • Use the pull bar in the installation kit to pry boards together at the edges of the walls where space doesn’t allow for the block to be used.

How Are Harmonic Floors Cleaned and Maintained?

Because Harmonics floors have the same stylish appearance of hardwoods, they are easy to clean and maintain.  Start by sweeping away any loose dirt and debris with a soft-bristled broom.  The next step is to wash it with a damp mop.

The advice here is to be careful not to use too much water when mopping floors.  Open windows or doors in the room so that the floor has sufficient ventilation to dry thoroughly.  No need to wax the floor, because mopping the floor will make the surface shiny like when it was first installed

How Does Sunlight Affect Your Harmonic Floor?

Harmonic laminate, like any other laminate, will fade over time.  Fortunately, modern laminate flooring has a UV resistant coating on the surface of every plank.  High quality laminates will slow down the effect of UV rays on the floor surface.

A tip here is if your floors receive direct sunlight during the day, to draw curtains during these hours to reduce harmful exposure.

Can the Harmonic Floor Be Slippery?

One of the most common problems with laminate floors is that they slip and fall on the surface very easily when wet.  A common way to avoid such accidents is to ensure that spills are cleaned up as soon as they occur.

Laminate floors can also be slippery when dry, especially after washing.  A tip for dealing with this is to consider placing narrow runners on the floor or between rooms to create traction.  Using narrow runners will ensure you can still enjoy the elegance of your new floor!

Can Harmonic Floors Make Bubbles?

Don’t be tempted to leave a spill on the floor as there is a 24 hour threshold before water can cause damage.  Leaving a spill on the floor can cause liquid to seep into the seams between each floorboard.  This will eventually cause bubbles on the board.  This will not only make your floors unsightly but will also cause further damage.

The best way to avoid air bubbles is to ensure that the spill is cleaned up immediately.  After the breakdown has occurred, the only solution is to replace the board.  Another tip to keep in mind is to order extra boards than you need in anticipation of future incidents.  Don’t assume the seller will still have stock available when you need some extra boards.

What Happens When Your Harmonic Floorboard Starts To Peak?

Peaking or crowning refers to floor planks raised at the seams.  This is often the result of a very wet or dry climate.  Laminates, like any other material, need to be removed when temperatures change.  Increased humidity affects the way your laminate boards expand and shrink.  When there is not enough space between the planks to move, the planks begin to lift at the joints.

The best option to prevent this is to create an adequate expansion gap around the space where the laminate is installed.  This gap, known as an expansion gap, will allow your laminate board to expand and shrink due to humidity and temperature changes.

Pros And Cons Of Harmonics Flooring

When it comes to comparing the pros and cons of Harmonics flooring, the positives greatly outweigh the negatives. Let’s have a look at some of these points.


  • Water-resistant
  • Lifetime residential warranty
  • Price is reasonably competitive
  • Underlayment is pre-attached
  • Attractive style
  • Easy and secure installation
  • No fasteners or adhesives required


  • Can only be purchased from Costco
  • No commercial warranty available
  • Design choices can be limiting

Is It Cheaper For Carpet Or Laminate Floors?

The great advantage of laminate flooring is that it is very durable.  Not only does it last longer, but is also easier to clean.  Cleaning is only done with a damp mop.  Harmonic laminates are less likely to experience weather damage than carpets.  While carpets are generally cheaper, Harmonics laminate floors are a better choice in terms of durability and care.

Are Harmonic Floors Good Quality?

In general, Harmonic laminate flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners who can’t or don’t want to spend too much money upgrading their floors.  So you can have a wooden floor style look for a fraction of the price!

Does the Harmonic Floor Have Its Own Undercoat?

Yes, the Harmonic laminate has a 2mm undercoat, which is added to provide underfoot comfort.  It also serves to provide a reasonable amount of insulation against heat, humidity and sound.  It is recommended that the laminate is always installed with an undercoat.  This undercoat provides a comfortable feeling under the feet.

How Durable Is Harmonic Flooring?

Harmonic laminate flooring is a popular choice among consumers especially for its long life and durability.  Unlike real hardwood floors, laminate is rarely scratched, dented, or stained.  As long as you install and maintain your floors in the right way, your floors will remain durable.

What Tips Will Make Installing Harmonics Flooring Easier?

Since I’ve already covered the step-by-step installation process in the section above, let’s look at a few tips to make installation easier.

  • To avoid this, I suggest cutting them from the back whenever possible.
  • It’s also a good idea to use a serrated blade with more than 60 teeth, which will also help prevent chipping.
  • Another good tip is to use masking tape along the direction that needs cutting.
  • These cover any gaps around the edges and also serve to hold the actual floor down.

Are Harmonics Laminates Environmentally Friendly?

The California Air Resources Council (CARB) stipulates that all laminate floors must be environmentally friendly.  It contains 74% of material that was reprocessed by previous customers.  Recycling old laminates ensures that very little of it ends up in landfills.

Can You Tell The Difference Between Laminate and Hardwood Harmonics?

It’s not very clear to tell the difference between good quality laminate and hardwood floors.  In general, Harmonik floors have repeating patterns while hardwoods are made of solid wood meaning that each plank will have its own uniqueness.  On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you have an inferior product.

Final thoughts on harmonic floors

Floor Harmonics are not only quick and easy to install, they also offer great durability. Because laminate floors are environmentally friendly, they also relieve sufferers’ allergies because they are not made from allergens.  Easy cleaning and maintenance is an added bonus.

Harmonic laminate flooring provides excellent value for money as it is easier to afford than carpet or hardwood floors.  Inexpensive Harmonic Flooring is definitely a good investment and an elegant way to give your old floor a new lease in life!

Have you recently installed Harmonics laminate flooring in your home?  What types of experience have you had?  Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.  And don’t hesitate to share any additional tips you may have learned from your installation!

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