Kane Carpet Flooring Review

When you think of a beautiful and unique floor, what type comes to your mind?  Carpets are probably at the bottom of the list, because after all, rugs have been a household staple for years and they all look the same … or do they?  Not Kane Carpet flooring.

Kane Carpet is a manufacturer that praises its innovation and attention to detail.  Custom colors and patterns are among the benefits that make them the best, according to the manufacturer.  But how true is this claim?  Is Kane rug floor really a superior product?

In this guide, we will explore the pros and cons of Kane Carpet flooring.  We’ll take a look at features like price, style selection and more to help determine if Kane Carpet really stands out from its competitors… or whether it just offers the same boring rugs you’re used to.

Let’s dive into what we’re all afraid of talking about: the cost of our new flooring project.  Many of us dread tackling large home improvement projects like new floors because they can cost thousands of dollars.  If price is one of the most important factors when shopping for new flooring, is Kane Carpet the right brand for you?

Unfortunately, prices for Kane Carpet flooring are not available online.  Instead, you should visit an authorized retailer in your area for a price quote, or contact an online carpet retailer for more information.  However there is some information available that is an indicator of the price of this carpet floor.

One thing that stands out is that Kane Carpet offers products including hand tufted wool rugs.  This type of rug is considered luxurious, meaning that it is not the best option for budget-friendly shoppers.

However, price is not the only factor you are considering. While you will pay a fortune for this rug, the overall durability and beauty may be worth the extra cost.

What Colors & Styles Are Available?

Carpets don’t have to be boring.  If you think of rugs that are one solid and neutral color, you’ve never seen what Kane Carpets have to offer.  You’ll find hundreds of different styles and colors to choose from.

While you have a choice of neutral colors, you can also choose a unique style, such as an ornate Angora or Biltmore animal print.  You can choose from bold, light, and everything in between when you choose a Kane Rug.

You will also have a large selection of different textures.  Whether you want soft, fluffy patchwork or an outdoor flat webbing, you’ll find it with Kane Carpets.  The selection is truly unmatched and shows that a rug can be as unique, attractive and as beautiful as any other floor type.

Are Kane Carpet Floors Durable?

You want your floor to last, and you won’t be disappointed with Kane Carpet flooring.  They are more wear resistant, stain resistant, color resistant to prevent fading, and (with many products) anti-microbial for a cleaner home.

We have determined that Kane Carpets are a premium priced brand.  However, the money you save on cleaning or replacing floors can easily cover the additional costs in the long run.

Of course, there are some concerns about Kane Carpet flooring not being exclusive to this brand.  Your carpet must not get wet.  Though wear-resistant, your floors will eventually look worn, especially in high-traffic areas.

Your floors are also more stain resistant than other brands, but stains can occur if you don’t take proper precautions when cleaning and protecting your floors.

Do I Receive Guarantee With My Purchase?

One of the factors you can consider when buying a new flooring is the length of the warranty … or if your product is even backed by a warranty at all.  Does Kane Carpet flooring offer a warranty that matches its competitors?

One major drawback about this flooring is that warranty information is not available.  Instead, consumers are instructed to contact Kane Carpet customer service to learn more.  This can be a major drawback for anyone wanting at-a-glance warranty information for a specific product.

Of course, you can talk to your local retailer to learn more about warranties.  However, for many consumers, the lack of information on its website regarding the warranty may be a little disappointing.

How Do I Take Care of My New Carpet?

While Kane Carpet doesn’t list warranty information on its website, it does offer a wealth of information on how to care for and maintain flooring products.  For daily carpet cleaning, all you need is a standard carpet vacuum cleaner with an adjustable beater bar.

This includes removing spills immediately, having your floor cleaned professionally as needed, and recommended methods of treating and removing stains.

The specific products and methods used to maintain your floors vary based on the product you choose.

While keeping your Kane Carpet floor looking its best takes time, it is well worth the effort.  Proper floor maintenance will ensure your floors look good and perform well in the years to come.

Final Verdict

Kane Carpet Flooring has advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s start with the positive features.

One of the best things about this rug is the multitude of colors, styles and textures available.  Whether you want an elegant style for your formal living room, a neutral rug for your bedroom, or a bright and unique floor for your child’s playroom, you’ll find it all with this brand.

As well as lots of styles and colors, you’ll be delighted by the durability of this rug.  It is more durable, wear resistant, and stain resistant than the cheaper brands on the market today.  While cleaning and maintaining your floors can be a hassle, most carpet brands require this type of treatment.

On the downside, you will pay dearly for the unique style and durability that Kane Carpet flooring offers.  The lack of warranty information available online can also make it difficult for consumers to make the right decision as to whether this product is right for their home or not.


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